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Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 11:03

The project consists of a number of different functions and will revitalize the Fyrtikktorget and highlight the old industrial history environment. The intention is to consolidate and reinforce the existing building structure, which clarifies the original bureaus, as well as creating a new and stronger identity for the area.

The architectural design of the structure is formally detached from the old, yet appears tailored to the situation, and is part of material use and form in close dialogue with existing building materials. The settlement is located as a low wreath over existing settlements to the south and west, culminating in a tower that marks the place.

The project has a clear organization around two places. An inner courtyard is marked, where new volumes reinforce the feeling of a clear urban space, surrounded by buildings with a castle-like character. A new building volume towards Fyrstikkalleen provides an economic basis for the removal of existing parking facilities in front of Fyrtikktorget and replacing this with a representative public square that addresses the subway and helps to clarify the Fyrtikktorget as the natural focal point at Helsfyr



Nice to see the green focus on projects in Oslo.