Infinity Tower

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Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 11:35

A new tower is set to be added to the skyline of the capital's neighbourhood of Campolide as part of the borough's plans to regenerate what was once a deprived and problematic area. 

Campolide has undergone a massive regeneration project that has redeveloped the area and increased property prices, some additions include a new city park, new buildings and several demolitions of buildings in decay.

Lisbon unlike some major European cities seems to lack imposing high rises, nevertheless it has seen a few towers being built in different areas of the city, such as the infamous FPM 41 Tower, based in Avenida Novas and the Portugualia block in city centre Almirante Reis Avenue.

Lisbon seems to be distancing itself from the concept of concentrating all high rises in the modern borough of Parque das Nacoes, and is dispersing its skyscrapers throughout the city, is this a threat to the old city centre's homogeny? A consistently eclectic city centre is what makes Lisbon so special compared to other European capitals, since Portugal managed to avoid destructive wars of the 20th century that saw European architecture bombed to the ground.

On the other hand like many other western cities Lisbon is focusing on urban regeneration, and the addition of new developments that might potentially bring in new residents and businesses to an impoverished area is a good way of improving it, which sets Lisbon in the right path for a brighter future.