João Rocha Pavilion

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Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 13:17

On 8 May, Somague Engenharia, S.A., became aware of an announcement made by Sporting Club, S.A., on its official site. Although Somague usually steers clear of using the media to present arguments and feed controversies, in this case the company could not fail to mention that there is no truth in the claims made by Sporting, which has deliberately distorted and manipulated the facts. Somague Engenharia, S.A., a construction company with a long-standing and excellent reputation in domestic and international markets, has always honoured its commitments and ensured that they always comply with the law. On this assumption, it tendered for the design and construction of the João Rocha Pavilion and was awarded the contract by Sporting Clube Portugal. At the request of Sporting, through its intermediary Ficope, Fiscalização, Coordenação, Projectos de Engenharia, Lda, Somague, in good faith, began to provide services pursuant to the contract for the design and construction of the João Rocha Pavilion, which should have been signed by the end of January 2015. However, Sporting only provided a draft contract at the end of February 2015, after repeated insistence by Somague. These services concerned drawing up the architectural design and the designs for excavation, retaining walls and the reinforced concrete structure. At the time these designs were drawn up, Sporting wanted them to include various amendments that changed the tender submitted by Somague. Somague always kept to the original terms of its tender. However, Sporting wanted the tender price to cover work not included in the tender and to surprise Somague with the decision to terminate negotiations after all the work carried out.   Somague will assert its rights in the courts and demand due compensation for all the losses caused by the breach of legal and contractual obligations by Sporting.

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