SottoMayor Residence

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 08:07


These apartments are considered to be one of the best for rental income and personal residence in Lisbon, they are a testimony of the wealthy bourgeoisie that installed themselves in this area at the beginning of the XX century.
The SottoMayor Residências have undergone a total reconstruction using modern engineering and re-creating what was and will be, the best building for rental income and personal residence in the centre of Lisbon.
The façades were kept and maintained to protect the original building and the whole structure suspended on stilts, whilst the interior was refurbished to include various underground garage floors and street level commercial areas.
Comprising 97 apartments with large common gardens and a swimming pool, the building reflects the former interior architecture, blending it with modern finishes and comfort required by modern times.

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