The Atlas Building

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Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 12:03

Located north of Old Street roundabout in Shoreditch, this landmark mixed use scheme comprises two buildings – an iconic 40-storey residential tower and a nine storey office building – as well as a series of generous, attractive public spaces.

The area surrounding the site has become known as Tech City due to the proliferation of technology firms that have become established there; our cutting-edge design responds to the spirit of innovation that is transforming this part of London and aims to act as a catalyst for further regeneration of the area.

The irregularly-shaped island site sits on a major junction and is currently occupied by a 1980s office building. This is to be replaced by a slender 152m-high residential tower which will form the head of the cluster of tall buildings addressing Old Street roundabout.

Twelve architectural ‘blades’ of varying height form a slender, sculpted top to the tower, breaking down the roofscape to minimise impact on the skyline with a series of terraces and setbacks. Each blade is perforated according to the design of the internal layouts at each level; the solid east and west faces have punched windows, in contrast to the predominantly glazed elements of the north and south elevations.

The development meets the area’s needs by replacing the existing commercial provision with new housing. All 302 private and affordable apartments are dual-aspect and have private balconies, with the upper units able to access private roof terraces.

The building contains an extensive range of amenities for residents including a gym, spa, swimming pool, cafe/lounge and two dedicated children’s play areas. Over 35% of the footprint is set aside as public space; a generous piazza between the two buildings forms a new pedestrian link, with a mix of shops and cafes introducing active frontages at the base of both buildings and creating a lively, vibrant place for people to live, work and socialise.

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