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Saturday, November 5, 2016 - 13:35

The St. John’s masterplan has now been fixed and Allied London have submitted a series of detailed planning applications.

Welcome to St. John’s. A new neighbourhood for enterprise, culture and living, a place that distinguishes itself by its unique cultural history, diverse mix of inhabitants, rich context and its position at the crossroads of a network. St. John’s will be a place to belong to. An ever-evolving adventure. A vibrant, sustainable, walkable neighbourhood with character and identity. A truly unique place with an exciting future. St. John’s offers something for everyone by providing a richness of detail – from high views to low views, from sky to village, retail to restaurant, start-up to established business.

In summary, the masterplan contains the following:

  • A significant amount of public realm and green spaces, with the formation of the new riverside park and gardens.
  • 2,400 new homes comprising a variety of low-rise residential apartments integrated with retail and workspace offerings, penthouse apartments, loft units and high-rise living.
  • Contemporary workspace and studio space aimed at creative new industries, start-ups and collaborative working.
  • Three new hotels, both corporate and leisure.
  • Dedicated arts, culture and entertainment buildings.
  • Small, independent shops, café and restaurant units set within a series of narrow streets and intimate public green spaces.

It is intended to commence development towards the end of 2016, and the first phase of these areas will be fully integrated with the public realm plan. Where parts of the site are not currently being developed, Allied London will (as they did at Spinningfields) appropriate such future development plots for temporary public realm in order that disruption during later development phases can be minimised and early stage developments can operate successfully.


From high views to low views, from sky to village, from retail to restaurants, from start-ups to successful businesses, we are bringing St. John’s to life and giving the new neighbourhood a sense of identity. We’re making a commitment to what will be a truly unique neighbourhood, building on both the modern and the heritage. For the first time, Manchester will have a real residential community, where work meets play, creativity promotes culture and enterprise drives innovation. St. Johns will be Manchester’s first real neighbourhood built around enterprise, culture and living. A blend of place, people, culture and life to engender sustainable modern city living.


St. John’s contains a significant amount of public realm and green spaces, including the formation of a new riverside pocket park and gardens. The adoption of the Breeze Studio and retention of its gardens as a managed public space provides another important green anchor, and a series of interconnecting squares and residential gardens connect key parts of the masterplan. The site is made up of rich layers of ‘urban laminates’ which form the basis of the landscape response, twisting, fracturing and overlapping to reveal itself as it emerges in its new form. This will drive a multi-level nature of the public realm from street level, to overhead elements, to sky gardens, that create texture, interest and activity. This achieves a diverse detail for St. John’s that can flux and change throughout the place.



The A-Z of St. John's from 90Degrees on Vimeo.

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